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Air Conditioner Repair VS Air Conditioner Replacement

Not sure if it is time to replace your air conditioner? Read our guide to help make the decision.

Air Conditioning does not come cheap. You invested a considerable amount of money into your system. After a period, however, you start to notice that it is not working so well anymore. It is scorching outside.

Nevertheless, even with your AC maxed out you feel hot. At this point, you start to weigh all the options. Should I call a technician to have a look at it? Does my AC unit need repair? Alternatively, should I get a new AC? How much will it cost, as opposed to having it repaired? Which option would be better in the long run? Is it just going to break down again in the future?

AC Replacement And Its Benefits

For some homeowners, choosing an air conditioning replacement over repairing the broken-down unit will make the most financial sense. Here are a few of the reasons to consider replacing your central air conditioner or other equipment with a brand-new, efficient system.

Cost Efficiency

There is a rule of a thumb by which you can determine if it would be better to replace your AC rather than to repair it. If your Air Conditioning is more than ten years old and the repair is going to require more than 50 percent of the value of the AC, you are better off looking for a new Air Conditioning system.

What is your Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)? If you are going to follow the advice mentioned above, new AC could save you anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of heating and cooling cost. In case you use a furnace, check out the Annual Fuel Utilization Ratings (AFUE) that measure boiler efficiency. According to the AFUE ratings, the effectiveness of heater systems from the 1970s is only around 65 percent. New models that you can get ahold of today offer near 100 percent efficiency. Thus, with a new system, you would need to pay less and could save much money in the long run.

Tax Credits

Apart from saving a fortune over a lifetime, there are various tax incentives and tax credits available if you decide to go for a new system. New AC that is more efficient could cost you 30 percent less due to tax credits and incentives. Always pay attention to the Energy Star label to go for the best option.


Another advantage of replacing your AC is that with a new system you are getting a warranty. In case something breaks down or requires maintenance, the warranty will save you much money on those call out charges. Moreover, we are not even talking about the cost of labor and getting spare parts.

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HVAC Contractor repairing an AC unit

Phasing Out Old Systems

It is what the US Government together with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have mandated. By 2020 they want to phase-out R-22 refrigerant. It means that it will be more and harder to get parts for the old system. Not only that, it will be more expensive to repair the old Air Conditioning as well. Getting a new R-410A system is going to be better for the environment and your wallet alike.

Health Risk

With old systems, it is harder to control desired temperature and air humidity. Thus, there is a danger of mold and mildew overgrowth. If you can detect a musty odor in the air, you might have this problem. Even if you cannot smell it, most of the toxic mildew is floating in the air and is invisible to the naked eye. Exposure to mold and mildew can cause allergies and, as some studies suggest, even depression. That is why newer systems regulate temperature and humidity more efficiently and are better for your comfort and health.


If you get a new AC system, it’s going to be more convenient as you will not have to call in maintenance specialists. Also, as mentioned before, some parts are going to be harder and harder to find. Moreover, dealing with broken AC takes a lot of time and money which could be spent with your loved ones instead.

Repairing Air Conditioning And Its Benefits

While replacing your air conditioner can have significant benefits for many homeowners, it’s not always the right answer. Here are some reasons to simply repair the equipment.

Newer Systems

Have they installed your air conditioning only recently? Is your AC younger than ten years? Is a cost of repair less than 50 percent of its value? In these circumstances, it is reasonable to fix it (unless you have been suffering monthly services calls to keep your AC up and running).

Moving out

In case you are planning on moving out shortly, it will not make sense to invest substantially into buying new Air Conditioning.

Which Way To Go?

Sometimes it may seem that your current system is on the fence which means that it is neither too old, nor brand new. When your technician comes to do some maintenance on the unit, ask him what is in your best interest: To get a new AC or to hold on to the one you have. Maybe it is going to be enough to ensure occasional repairs that will prolong the life of your Air Conditioning.

When Is The Right Time For Repair vs. Replacement?

How do you know when the right time to call your Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning technician is? Energy Star is a project created by EPA and the Department of energy. According to their recommendations, Air Conditioning should be changed for a new one every ten years. As far as furnace goes, 15 years is a recommended period. After this stage, they will gradually lose energy efficiency which will end up costing you more money.

Regular Failures

How long ago did your system break down? Do you still have in mind the feeling when you paid a horrific amount of money to your AC technician? What about cold or hot days, does your Air Conditioning system handle the demand on its performance? Alternatively, does it break down on a regular basis? In such case, it might not be the best idea to keep those service calls going. The money you pay for repairs add up over time, and at the end of the day, it will cost you more than replacing the system.

Uneven Temperatures

Another sign for considering an upgrade is uneven temperatures. Sounds like calling your technician.


Sometimes your system can become noisy, or it can turn off on its own seemingly randomly. Usually, it is due to heating and cooling demands with which it has to keep up. To prevent such problems, it is the best to establish annual maintenance.

If you would like to schedule maintenance or if you cannot decide if it is better to repair or replace, get in touch with our technicians. At Sig Cox  Augusta Air Conditioning your best interest is our aim. We will advise you as if your home was our own. Call (706) 962-6980 now!

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