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Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to provide commercial businesses and public facilities with expert HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation service. We have specially trained HVAC technicians on staff to see to the unique needs of our commercial clients, and we’re standing by to provide you with all your heating and air needs.

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Repair

Our Commercial HVAC Services

We are a full-service heating and air contractor offering a variety of services to commercial properties.

Our Commercial Services include:

Commercial Heating & AC Repair

For public and commercial clients, time is critical. Every minute your heating and air system isn’t functioning properly it’s costing the organization money and affecting the comfort of your customers, team members, and guests.

Providing fast and reliable commercial HVAC repair is our bread and butter. For our commercial clients, we understand that time is of the essence. When your system breaks down, just give us a call and rest assured that the best commercial technicians are on the way.

Commercial HVAC Installation

If you need new commercial heating, air, or refrigeration equipment, we’re here to help. We can help you choose the best system for your property. Our commercial HVAC installers are proud to offer services on any make and model of HVAC system.

Once you’ve decided on the system that will best meet your needs, we’ll carry out a professional installation with minimal disruption to your business’s operations. 

We stand behind the workmanship of our installers and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact us to get a quote on commercial HVAC installation!

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

The best way to save money on commercial heating and air expenses is to address minor deficiencies before they become expensive breakdowns. Through our commercial HVAC maintenance program at Sig Cox, you’ll be able to begin every season knowing that your system is in the best shape possible.

Industries We Serve

No matter the nature of your business, the type of equipment, or the location of your system, we can provide expedient and affordable service. We’ve been privileged to partner with business owners and installation managers across a wide variety of industries, including:

We’ve partnered with many businesses to provide professional commercial HVAC services. Whether you need a quick repair, regular maintenance, or need a consultation for a system replacement, we’re standing by to help.

Just give us a call at 706-962-6980, and we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote for service.

Commercial Heating & Cooling Services FAQs

At Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning, we strive to provide quality and affordable full-service commercial HVAC solutions. This section is dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked questions about our commercial HVAC services.

If you don’t see your question posted here, always feel welcome to contact us directly at 706-962-6980 to have all your questions answered by one of our certified HVAC contractors.

How much does an HVAC system inspection or repair visit cost?

The cost varies depending on your requirements. Call us today to discuss your HVAC problems and we will be able to give you a quote and schedule a visit.

What is a SEER rating?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. This ratio tells you high energy efficient your HVAC unit is. The higher the SEER, the more energy efficiency of the unit.

What is Energy Management?

Simply put, an energy management system allows you to centralize all your energy-related decisions.

Centralized timers and sensors are used to better control all heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. A typical energy management system has one terminal to tell you how much energy is being consumed at any point of time and where you could avoid wasting energy. The best part – you can access all these info from any computer using a secure web login.

Businesses all over the world are increasingly turning to energy management systems to reduce the cost of heating and cooling their workplace. According to some estimates, over 35% of all US buildings with a surface area bigger than 100,000 square feet use energy management systems.  

This helps them save a tremendous amount of money on heating and cooling expenses. Even relatively smaller businesses operating from a medium-sized building can benefit from energy management systems.

Are high-efficiency commercial HVAC systems worth the investment?

Proper heating or cooling a commercial establishment is often an expensive operation. Even a small difference in the energy consumption of your air conditioning and heating units can help your business save a lot on utility bills.

Compared to the regular models, high-efficiency commercial HVAC systems can slash a huge chunk of your heating and cooling spending.

They can be more expensive, but the initial investment can be easily recovered in the subsequent months because of substantially lower utility bills.

How do I know it’s time I replaced my office HVAC system?

If your HVAC unit is more than 5-7 years old and needed excessive repairs in the past couple of years, but with little or no improvement to show for, you should consider replacing it.  

Even if you could somehow manage with the older unit by fixing the wear and tear from time to time, we don’t recommend it. Because, the older an HVAC system, the lesser its energy efficiency.  

Rather than spending on unnecessary expenses, such as higher-than-normal utility bills and repair charges, it is in the best interest of your company to put that money into a new system.

Why shouldn’t I ignore the regular maintenance of my commercial HVAC system?

Most air conditioning manufacturers recommend regular maintenance of your commercial HVAC systems for a reason. Apart from prolonging the lifespan of the unit, regular maintenance also ensures round-the-clock optimal efficiency which is a must for any workplace. Ideally, you should have general maintenance done by experienced professionals at least once a year so they can conduct a thorough cleaning and optimize the system from the inside out. In the absence of regular maintenance, even a minor glitch could turn into a major issue over time and cost your business much more comparatively.

How Big a Role Does a Commercial HVAC System’s Size Play?

The size of an HVAC unit plays a key role on several fronts. If the unit is too small for your office, it will be unable to regulate temperature efficiently during extreme weather conditions.

An inefficient system consumes more energy than it should, leading to fatter utility bills, among other issues. Similarly, if the system is too big, it will have difficulty reducing moisture from the air. This could make the air inside the office space humid and uncomfortable for your employees and clients alike!

What is the life span of a commercial HVAC system?

A commercial HVAC system requires hefty investment sizing up to several thousands of dollars. Once you spend that kind of money, you can definitely expect your equipment to last as long as possible.

The lifespan of a commercial HVAC varies depending on the brand and specs of the layout. However, on average, a well-maintained commercial A/C unit can last up to 10-15 years with the furnace, heat pump, boiler, etc. lasting anywhere between 15 – 20 years.

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