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Our Financing Options

At Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning, our mission has always been to provide clients with dependable services and supreme comfort, both in the home and in regards to their budget. We understand that selecting a new AC or home heating system can feel arduous, and so we are proud to offer a great range of financing options suitable for any financial situation or home. 

Why Finance a New HVAC System? 

Too often, a homeowner gets stuck with having to make do with getting a right now solution instead of the right solution. You repair the same old unit over and over or buy a new air conditioner that’s less efficient, less powerful, and maybe less dependable. Instead of making do and paying hand over fist in the long run, you can instead choose to seek financing in order to secure a more effective product.

The right financing plan can help you save money and ensure that when you need a new air conditioner, heating system, or hybrid HVAC system, you get the equipment and solutions you deserve. At Sig Cox, we are devoted to helping our clients get the best across the board, and we’re happy to work with you in order to find the ideal financing option to suit your needs.

Find out more about your financing options by contacting a Sig Cox professional today. You can reach us online at any time to get started, or call our Augusta office by calling 706-962-6980!

The Benefits of Financing an Air Conditioner

In addition to the financial benefits — you won’t have to pay a substantial sum up front or drain your nest egg — there are many perks to seeking financing for a new cooling system. By working with our team you can:

  • Select the HVAC system that’s right for you – Instead of getting something that sort of gets the job done, you can carefully select a system according to your preferences and needs, ensuring superior comfort for years to come. 

  • Stay prepared for other, more pressing emergencies – For most of us, shelling out for a whole new HVAC system demands a huge portion of our savings or requires a considerable hit to our credit card balance. Instead, you can keep your emergency options and get a stress-free solution by financing. 

  • Secure a simple payment that fits your unique budget – Our financing options can be tailored to any budget or home income situation. We’ll help you find a realistic payment that you can make comfortably. 

  • Potentially save money long-term – Financing lets you get a new cooling system that offers higher efficiency ratings, programmable settings, better humidity control systems—all features designed to keep your energy costs down, which can save you money over the years. 

Contact Sig Cox Today to Find Your Best AC Financing Option! 

In Augusta and the surrounding areas of Richmond County, going without a dependable HVAC system just isn’t an option. If you’re stressing over how to get a new home comfort system, our team is here and happy to help. Reach out to us today to discuss your options—we’ll guide you toward making a plan that fits your home comfort needs and your financial needs.

Contact us today by calling 706-962-6980, or reach our Augusta HVAC company online to schedule a consultation

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