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Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair in Augusta, GA

For quick, high-quality heat pump repairs, reach out to Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning for the service you deserve. Our team of experts has been serving Augusta, GA, Evans, GA, Harlem, GA, and Irmo, SC for over 90 years, giving us the knowledge and experience needed to provide our clients with satisfactory results. Whatever issue your heat pump is facing, we’ve got a solution.

Looking for Reliable Heat Pump Service in Augusta, GA?

Heat pumps, like any type of machinery, will inevitably run into some problems throughout their life span. We’ve seen it all at Sig Cox, and we’ve got the tools and expertise needed to tackle any problem we come across. Should you notice any of the following symptoms with your heat pump, give us a call or hop online to schedule an appointment:

  • Loss of heat or inadequate heat production: If you notice your heat pump isn’t producing the normal amount of heat or is pushing out cold air, there may be a lack of refrigerant needed to keep your machine working properly. A drop in refrigerant charge can be due to an undetected leak caused by things like corrosion or damaged parts.
  • An increase in heating expenses: If your heating bill is noticeably higher than normal, it could be that your heat pump isn’t properly performing and is working overtime in order to catch up with your commands, ultimately using more energy.
  • Strange noises: Sounds like popping, hissing, creaking, and buzzing coming from your heat pump may be a sign of your system malfunctioning. Such noises can be a result of issues like a failing motor or valve, ductwork, fan, or belt damage, or even simply the age of your unit.
  • Frozen compressor: Although your heat pump is designed to go through regular defrosting cycles during the colder months, there could be a time when it doesn’t defrost and instead freezes. This could be due to the improper elevation of your pump; things like snowfall can block condensation drainage, leading to the compressor freezing and your pump failing.

Is It Too Cold in Winter for My Heat Pump to Run?

This is a commonly asked question as many people feel that winter’s low temperatures will result in your heat pump being rendered essentially useless; however, this is not entirely the case! Older models would sometimes run into problems that would hinder them from working efficiently. Nowadays, advanced technology is designed to stop the cold from preventing your heat pump from producing heat for your home. Newer models are constructed with auxiliary heating that kicks on as supplemental heat when the outside temperature is too cold.

Your heat pump not turning on is likely impacted more by issues with the compressor, airflow, or the heat pump filter as opposed to the weather. With that being said, hiring a professional to inspect and perform maintenance as needed on your heat pump is your best bet at preserving and extending your unit’s life. The team at Sig Cox can ensure your machine is functioning properly, and we’ll perform any necessary repairs to avoid the need for a replacement.

Call us at 706-962-6980 or contact us online to learn more about our provided heat pump services!

Why Choose Sig Cox for Heat Pump Repairs in Augusta, GA?

90 years in business: With almost a century of service, we’ve mastered how to train our technicians to provide the most exceptional service and have established rapport with our long-standing clients.

  • Availability: We understand that heating issues stem from an array of things and may cause problems at inconvenient times, so we’re available on 706-770-6366
  • A+ BBB rating: You can rest confidently knowing our company is a trustworthy, reliable, and punctual team of professionals who have your back.
  • Reviews: Our remarkable reviews back up our client satisfaction.

Being the oldest HVAC business in the area, Sig Cox has kept up with the most advanced and dependable equipment and procedures that aim to save you money and energy expenses. If you’re in Augusta, GA, Evans, GA, Harlem, GA, and Irmo, SC, don’t hesitate to reach out so we can help keep you comfortable no matter the weather.

Call the team at Sig Cox at 706-962-6980 or contact us online today to schedule a service!

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