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Hiring the Right Air Conditioning Expert

As a homeowner, you will eventually need your HVAC unit serviced or repaired, read these important things to look for in a reputable company. 

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Air Conditioning Contractors

Handling an AC repair is one of the most irritating situations a homeowner can ever encounter. You have a busted AC unit on your hands, and now you must live uncomfortably for an indefinite amount of time.

Initially, anyone’s innate response would be to Google, “Air Conditioning Repair.” Behold, a lengthy index of 30 HVAC “experts” discovered near you. AC repair companies are never the same; from residential to commercial, high to low quality, and various price rates, selecting an expert that suits your needs can be quite taxing.

Heating and air conditioning units are a substantial expense.

Opposed to sorting through pages of Google ads, the reliable source in this scenario comes from word of mouth. Without a doubt, every CSRA is saturated with numerous businesses all within the same niche. Ask your neighbors or residents about their previous AC repair encounters. They can offer you an honest, unbiased judgment of the services they had received. These locals have been in your shoes before and chose Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning– for a reason.

The process then unfolds to how quick and easy you can get an estimate for the repair. Some branches will blurt out a total without even taking the damage into account and send out one of their supposed experts at their “earliest” convenience. Other branches, like Sig Cox Heating & Air Conditioning, will always make you their priority. Instead of charging you right off the rip for a quote, they will happily drive to your location and provide an estimate– for free.

They also include a comprehensive framework stating what the next scheduled steps are, the price tagged for the work, and the cost spent on parts. Not only does it protect you as the customer, but it also specifies that the AC professional is completing each task that was previously stated in the contract. Having paperwork to bind to both parties, making them both accountable, can be excellent, especially if an unexpected event or additional damage comes up.

These HVAC specialists are completely transparent; a client will never have to worry about hidden expenses or poor performance, because of John Haynie, the CEO of Sigcox, makes sure the job gets done right the first time.

It is not unusual for patrons to ask if an HVAC company is licensed, bonded, and insured?

When Sig Cox Heating & Air first accepts the call from a potential customer asking these types of questions, they are more than willing to produce reliable answers. Confirming that they are licensed, bonded, and insured is what divides the real experts from the skeptics. A valuable AC repair company is more than willing to present proof of all certifications– because their primary goal is to keep their customers cool.

By committing to excellence in every aspect of business, Sig Cox Heating and Air is deemed superior. If it’s new construction, major remodeling, furnace or air conditioning repair, Sig Cox Heating and Air Conditioning North Augusta, SC has the products, the talent, and the customer service to tackle any job instantly.

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