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Tips for Saving Money on Energy Bills in the Winter

6 Great Tips for Saving Money on Energy Bills in the Winter

Winter is fast-approaching, and although the season is chock-full of many wonderful holidays and potentially the chance of a fluffy snowfall, it can also bring along hefty energy bills. It’s crucial to evaluate your habits during the winter as there are some rather simple actions such as routine AC maintenance you can take that can reduce your monthly bill significantly.

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Adjust Your Thermostat

Although it may not initially seem like a huge step, reducing your thermostat even 2 degrees can help save you money and lower the energy you spend in the long run. Rather than having your temperature set to 72, try lowering it to 70 or 68—this will still allow you to live comfortably while preserving energy and, thus, money. You can also set your temperature even lower while you’re asleep or out of the house to rack up additional savings.

Reverse Your Fan

This isn’t the most known aspect about fans, but it’s one that can surely help you save money on your recurring energy bill. Most ceiling fans have the ability to be reversed—in the summer, it’s best that your fan’s blades are pushing the cool air down to drop the room’s temperature; however, by rotating the fan’s blades in the winter, it can actually push the air up towards the ceiling. Because heat rises, this will in turn push the heat back down towards you.

Turn Off the Electricity

A crucial course of action towards saving money and energy throughout the winter is by switching off electricity when possible. Making sure to turn off things like lights, televisions, and gaming consoles is one of the easiest steps you can take to lower your money and energy expenditures.

Unplug Things You Aren’t Using

Unplugging things that aren’t being used is another important habit to adopt in the winter (and throughout the entirety of the year). This goes for just about anything, too: lamps, chargers, kitchen appliances—the list goes on and on.

Weatherproof Your Windows

Weatherproofing your windows can look like installing storm windows or simply covering any gaps that may result in drafts that let in the cold air and release your warm air. There are also quality window treatments you can utilize; specific window coverings are available that work to block the sun’s bright rays but capture its heat.

Use a Space Heater

An affordable and practical way to reduce those energy bills is by using a space heater. There are several options for space heaters that can range from oscillating fan-forced heaters to convection heaters to radiant heaters, so it allows you to select the one that most fits your needs.

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