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Wi-Fi Thermostats

What Are Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats?

If you’ve not heard of them before, Wi-Fi smart thermostats are exactly what they sound like, smart devices connected to your home network that manage your heating and cooling in the place of a traditional thermostat. At its simplest, it can work as a touchscreen thermostat that’s otherwise used the same as any other thermostat. Still, once you take advantage of the smart features and Wi-Fi connectivity, you start to see where this technology really shines (in ways that certain smart-for-smart’s-sake technology might not).

Why Switch to Wi-Fi Now?

Wi-Fi thermostats are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, growing quickly from what was once a relative niche gadget. Let’s look at why, exactly, people are suddenly making the leap to this smart technology.

Ease of use

It’s never been easier to use a Wi-Fi smart thermostat. What was once a relatively obscure gadget for the tech-savvy to play with is now a consumer-friendly technology that anyone can pick up and use without any difficulty. If you’ve passed on a smart thermostat in the past after hearing stories of them being weirdly difficult to use in comparison with the simplicity of a normal thermostat, rest assured that these problems have long been resolved.

Phone integration

Modern smart thermostats on your Wi-Fi network can also integrate with your phone via smart home management systems like Alexa or Apple HomeKit or via their own apps to give you unparalleled control over your system, whether you’re hiding under the blankets in your room wishing it was just a tad warmer or out and about and setting the thermostat before your kids get home from school.

Improved energy management

With a smart thermostat installed in your home and control over it while you’re away, you can better manage the way you use energy. Set your home thermostat a few degrees closer to the outdoor temperature while you’re away to save money, then set it back to your comfort zone as you head out from work to get the full benefits of energy savings with none of the comfort drawbacks.

Recent Improvements

In addition to simple user experience improvements seen in Wi-Fi thermostats since their earliest days, there are significant improvements in the fine details of their functions.  The technologies involved have become increasingly efficient, so if you’re worried that trading a largely analog device for something with a screen is wasteful, it’s not something to be concerned about anymore.

Improvements in the technology used in these devices also give you an unparalleled understanding of how you use energy in your home. You can see how you cooled or heated your room, average temperatures, how much systems ran, etc. This can be very useful in assessing your energy usage habits, spotting developing problems in your HVAC systems, recognizing that your heating or cooling system is too big or too small for your home, or figuring out how much you might actually save by upgrading to a more efficient fuel source or technology.

Learn More About Wi-Fi Thermostats from Honeywell

Wondering what you should be looking at if you’re considering a Wi-Fi thermostat? Looking for gift ideas for hvac technicians? Honeywell currently stands as one of the most innovative and well-received manufacturers of these devices, with technology advancing each year. You can learn more about them from our page here — or reach out to the Sig Cox team to schedule an appointment for installation if you’re ready to make the leap.

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